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Top Tier Global Developer Talent

We think there’s only one way left to hire the few true code ninjas, the top 3%: It’s going global. This way we have a significant talent edge over anyone hiring from only one country - be it local or abroad.

For you, this talent edge means higher quality and project success. Where else can you, at a normal budget, hire devs who worked for brands like Mastercard, Redbull, & Adidas?

Communication, culture fit and aligned vision

These are our main ingredients to make project management with you a success. So at pandigita, our founder is directly involved in your project.

A German originally, he has many international digital projects under his belt, including being Founding Team Member at a start-up that scaled from 0 to 80 employees. He also holds a Master’s from the University of Cambridge.


Your App - compiled for iOS, Android and web, from one code base

It’s called react-native-web. It’s been around for years, but only recently reached critical ecosystem adoption & maturity. We’re the only agency we know of that specializes in this “3-in-1” tech that can save you development cost, time cost and headaches.

The right technology for your project

The right technology choice can be a major competitive, organizational and strategic advantage. We will always align the right tech with your project and business goals.

We're fluent in..

  • React & Node Web Apps
  • react-native & react-native-web (all platforms)
  • Swift and C# (iOS)
  • Kotlin and Java (Android)
  • Flutter (all platforms)

Some of Our Work


A Global Fintech on all Platforms

ndpay has launched a global fintech whitelabel solution, starting with the brand OneFor. We created the complete mobile- and web app frontend for them. Using react-native-web, we wrote the whole app once and then compiled it to iOS, Android and - yes - web!


  • Complete mobile app and web app (frontend), compiled from the same source code.
  • Features to transfer money, split bills, view transactions, credit card management, ...
  • Including Biometric Login, advanced security (auth) measures
  • Advanced OCR functionality (Passport/ID scan)
MyTestHero - education | eCommerce

Conversion focused booking system

MyTestHero offers an innovative education business in China - IETLS Exam preparation with official IELTS Examiners. In close cooperation we conceptualized and developed a system to drastically reduce the administrative burden of the company by letting customers book the instructors directly while also focusing on a smooth upsell and payment experience to increase conversions.


  • Business operations & digital strategy consulting
  • Customer facing booking system
  • Instructor dashboard & user management
  • Complete Backends
  • Checkout with credit card or Alipay (Chinese provider)
  • Smooth access to Chinese market using proxy server
  • Multi-language (English & Chinese)
Health - Austin Holistic Fitness

8-Week Premium Fitness Coaching in an app

Austin’s premier fitness coach Jeremy Robinson, known from TV appearances, offers a demanding but effective 8-week nutrition, fitness and mental health coaching programme. When he wanted his clients to be able to access his programme and view their progress from anywhere, he turned to us.


  • Consulting, Conceptualisation, Strategy
  • Complete iOS and Android app in react-native
  • Customisation of existing user management to be used in app

Making corporate training stick using a chatbot learning coach and daily microlessons

Did you know that 90% of corporate training content is forgotten? We jumped on this huge problem to co-develop this innovative edTech app with the founders, two top management coaches. The solution? Short but daily lessons using an interactive chatbot format and microlessons."


  • Product management
  • Style & user interface in react-native
EDTECH - Product Ownership

Kiron: Free University Courses for Refugees

Kiron is a revolutionary online learning NGO that offers university level courses in organized curricula for free to refugees. Pandigita’s founder was also a founding team member and product owner with Kiron. Besides the web platform, he managed the Kiron VR learning project.


  • Product Ownership Web - Learning Management System
  • Product Ownership VR - Immersive Language Learning
  • Kiron Management Circle

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